The refusal of a loan. Understand the reasons

Each of us, referring to the bank for loans, expects to receive approval. But, alas, a positive decision comes not always. Some failure is quite unexpected. So why is the bank refuses to issue a loan?

The most common cause – the alleged borrower blacklisted. This means that most likely, a customer defaulting and commit delay on previous loans. The client, who at least once did not pay the monthly payment on time, falls into this list and get out of it is not so simple. Therefore, your credit history should be protected.

A borrower can have false information about yourself? The Security Service will not miss such a request. Though not always, but the bank’s employees call on these numbers in the questionnaire. Specific information about the alleged borrower from the contact persons to confirm the above information on the work of talking to client management. The slightest discrepancy – a reason for refusal. If the service is not security or dials found out that the numbers do not exist, it is not surprising negative decision on the loan.

It is not necessary to withhold information and that at this point the borrower has the loan. If they are paid in good faith, it will only affect in a positive way, and creating mystery around this fact equates to false information, leading to failure.

It plays an important role and appearance of a person who filed zavydachey loan. Ethnicity should indicate the value. It is not necessary to wear pants set shirt is enough just to look neat. The smell of fume, habits addict, prison tattoos – a straight road to the black list, if not forever, but for a while, but at this point in the loan will be denied.

Of course, it plays the role of the client’s income. Not so much its size, and that remains the borrower after payment of the monthly payment on the loan. If it is a small loan, the payment should not exceed a quarter of the income. If this is a pretty big loan, after repayment of the borrower must remain at least 60% of income.

It is necessary to understand the size and value of the loan. Sometimes it happens when a client’s income of 10,000 rubles, and asks a million. What the bank will respond? Of course, it sends a refusal. Or maybe the other way around, the income of 100,000, and 10,000 requests likely a borrower to repay the loan ahead of schedule, and the banks do not like this operation, this leads to a loss of revenue as a percentage. We can not say that in this case, the refusal will be 100%, but greatly surprised he was not worth it.

The bank will carefully examine the authenticity of the documents. And if you find even the slightest hint of counterfeiting, the refusal and the blacklist of fraud can not be avoided. Therefore, if the borrower has washed your passport inadvertently along with the jacket in the washing machine, before requesting a bank with such a document, it is best to contact the relevant authorities for his replacement. Inconsistency of data passport and the second document, passport offices typos overdue documents. All this will lead to failure.

The signature in the passport and the credit agreement must be identical. It does not matter that the borrower put it twenty years ago, the discrepancy may lead to a negative decision.

Here are the main reasons for the refusal of banks to grant credit. Now, taking into account all the nuances, you can safely go to the bank for approval!